Valmiera hackathon

HS Layers were used by two of the teams participating in 2019 Open Data Hackathon for Municipalities in Valmiera (Latvia), 18-19th of October. The 24 hour work resulted in working prototypes and visualizations.

Pollution map of Latvia displays pollution sources, which might be sources of actual pollution or potential pollution sources, in the Republic of Latvia. It is based on the open dataset of pollution sources from the portal. Layers available in the map include a point layer of pollution sources and two heatmaps which serve for better readability of the map in lower zoom levels. Additionally, a polygon layer of populated areas is displayed, which allow the user to visually compare spatial distribution of pollution sources and a distribution of population in the country.

Second application made use of utility network data and along with visualizing them allowed user to discover technical attributes of selected features and provided tool to find the closest network feature to specified location.

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