Version 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 mainly revolves around refactoring and fixing of hslayers code according to The large modules have now been split into smaller files and a lot of renaming has been done, which will have breaking changes also in custom applications.

hs.status_creator has been renamed to

hs.ows has been renamed to hs.addLayers.

hs.ows.wms.service_layer_producer -> hs.addLayersWms.addLayerService

hs.api will be deprecated.

Adding of wms datasources has also been redesigned to display more info such as abstract and name and not only title and to enable choosing different style schemes.


a27aeac Update bundled app.js to newest module names
82d5ca0 Remove api module which is never used
53db103 Fix incorrect injection of $scope for minification
8a29afd Make loading indicator smaller
7a16395 Redesign add wms layer panel similar to qGis
6190b8b Make panelspace width adjustable by current panel
6771bbc Refactor dimension related code into seperate module
dde440e Add try catch for dimension parsing.
32b5eab Fix broken layout of vector layer adding panel fixes #216
fa3dc39 Refactor adding of wms and vector layers
689e549 Componet for storing/displaying history of wms’es
da20b2e Make info container smaller and fix documentation for info.component
95a8fde Move adding of geojson from url param to add-layers.vector.service
f6ff0ff Remove unnecessary digesting
fd031a7 Rename config_parser to compositions.layerParser module
888cc47 Add wiki instructions for building with webpack
5075f63 panel_name is removed or renamed to panelName
b238d6a Move panel heading into seperate configurable directive
d87da93 Remove hsl_path from wiki since its deprecated
dfead3f (origin/refactoring, refactoring) Fix missing panels after refactoring
3991ea1 Change panel directives to rewritten component names
035cd7d Refactor feature-filter module
33285a5 Refactor modules into smaller files by guidelines
e43bf21 Add webpack build notifier plugin
4b5541f Package lock update
a22f433 Load app.css after bootstrap css to be able to overload it

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