Version 1.1.0

In version 1.1 hslayers is using openlayers 5. Now the openlayers classes should be imported seperately and accessed without the long namespace, since we dont use the packaged build of OL – e.g.

import { Tile, Group } from 'ol/layer';  
new Tile({source: new OSM(), ..
instead of 
new ol.layer.Tile(....

This change will make the code easyer to read, bundle sizes smaller and in general follow the modern patterns of javascript development.


5ecd851 (origin/refactoring, refactoring) Rename ows panels and components to addLayers
d037866 Parse getfeatureinfo without jquery refs #215
dedaede Refactor Datasource selector WMS module into smaller pieces
42b9f03 Fix error of initial wms config not prefilling
0487e9d Small fix for ows.wfs directive
4cb7525 Fix adding of WMS in ows panel
8ecf9d7 Must import Polygon.fromExtent function correctly
47d8639 Loading of css for material design layout with webpack
5dbd6e4 Minor fix for css loading
e1b3119 Conditional loading of bootstrap and mobile css
d7ed51c Upgrade dependencies/ fix security vulnerabilities
f60f7f6 (origin/ol5, ol5) A more thorough replacement of OL namespace
443bbdb Fix measuring of area
d6ec6d2 Upgrade to openlayers 5 fixes #163
82c05e4 (tag: 1.0.1, release/1.0.1) Release 1.0.1
99155d8 Have to use explicit injection in strict mode
9caf8dc Change icon for legend

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