HSL Versions

Version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 marks a new milestone for hslayers-ng because webpack building and bundling can now be done for the whole library. Versions having old requirejs approach will still be numbered 0.x.x for backwards compatibility.

5550c3f Rewrite cesium module import and fix window height
a5a2478 Fix cesium for webpack and without jquery
6ec9b25 Webpack build target for material design variant
b3f2cba Use minified hslayers in readme
cfae7ba README for bundled hslayers with separate app.js
59f18d2 Expose hslayers container template and openlayers
dcf1408 Remove material components from controllers
41fb5b6 Webpack prod build
ded5dd4 Readme changes for using webpack bundle
0260aa0 Use webpack to bundle js, css and html templates