HSL Versions

Version 0.6

The arrival of Hslayers-ng 0.6 version brings much delayed updates of hslayers dependencies such as migration to Bootstrap 4.3 and support for Cesium 1.53, which was held back because of changes in Cesiums proxy mechanism due to which proxification of wms tiles didn’t work in hslayers. There had been some security vulnerabilities in hslayers dependency libraries, but most of them have been fixed with the updates.

Updated bootstrap 4.3 look

Also work on Hslayers documentation front has been done. All the config parameters, which are specified in applications main app.js file, have been described and published in a structured wiki.

Some of the parameters will be renamed in the next versions to have them follow a unified naming pattern, but automatic conversion of parameter names will be provided for backwards compatibility.

Additionally map composition definition has been updated and extended, which can now be used in json validators such as https://www.jsonschemavalidator.net/ .
It is an ongoing effort together with development of QGis plugin for generation of map compositions to be consumed by Hslayers-ng applications.